Positive Behaviour for Learning

Upcoming School Disco!

On the 14th of December, the Student Council Team is running a Disco. Entry to this will be free, but children who have made poor choices in the time leading up to the Disco will be excluded from attending. 

This Term we are trialling some modifications to the School Behaviour Management Programme. The emphasis is still on acknowledging positive behaviour, and positive actions. The majority of children have a wonderful attitude towards School, and simply get on with things. However, other students persistently make poor choices, and can disrupt the rights of others in the Class to learn, and the Teacher to Teach. 

The inclass Step process has been modified:-

Three Time-outs means exclusion from a major Schoolwide treat, in this case the Disco. 

The children are all very aware of the process, and hopefully they behave appropriately to earn the right to take part in the Disco. 

Our School Values



Wairua Pai



Class Vouchers

Earn these in class

School Tokens

Earn these around the school


PB4L - What is it?

Our School is a PB4L School.  PB4L stands for Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) and it improves the behaviour and wellbeing of children and young people.

PB4L is a programme which helps our learners be the best that they can be and help them to reach their goals through positive choices.  Our school encourages Positive Behaviour through modelling, encouraging, and acknowledging when tamariki make the right choice. 

PB4L Assembly

Every Monday morning at 9.15am we hold a PB4L School Assembly in the hall.  We encourage our whaanau to attend and learn about what PB4L looks like in our school.  This time together helps us support each other and reminds us of our school values.  We celebrate our positive choices with two types of rewards; school tokens and class vouchers. 

School Tokens - what are they?

School tokens can be earned through displaying our school values and by making positive choices in the playground, around school, and in assembly.  Teachers actively look for tamariki who are making good choices and when they spot them, they hand out tokens.  Coloured tokens are worth 5 points and gold tokens are worth 10 points.  

When students receive a token, they add them to their class jar.  These are housed outside the staff room on the PB4L trolley.  At the end of the week, teachers total up the jars.  The class with the most tokens wins a class prize!

Class Vouchers - what are they?

Class vouchers can only be earned in class.  If your teacher catches you being good, that means showing Perseverance, Ownership, Wairua Pai,  Excellence, or Respect then they will reward you with a voucher.  

When students receive a voucher, they take them to the voucher box.  These are housed outside the staff room on the PB4L trolley.  At our PB4L assembly 6 lucky winners will be drawn from the box.  The winners get to choose a prize from the PB4L prize box.  These are collected at the end of the day from the school office. 


A movie about Respect

Room 5 create a movie about how to show Respect.  Watch this young tama on his journey to respect himself, his peers, school, and teachers.  

What can you win?

Here at Huntly Primary School, we care about what motivates your child.  We ask our tamariki what they would like to receive when they make good choices.  Here are some of the things that they have asked for.