Tuatea Whaanau 2021-10-12T22:14:38+13:00

Tuatea Whaanau

Kiaora Koutou, Talofa Lava, Malo lelei, Kia Orana, Greetings. Welcome to Room 11 otherwise known as Tuatea Whanau – The Basket of light.

Our year 7 & 8 class have had an interesting year so far, with the kaupapa being centered around our learning. We try our best to express our learning by upholding the  School values – Perseverance, Ownership, Wairua Pai, Excellence, Respect. So our Tamariki know that whatever we do, we do it with honesty. We strive for progress, Not perfection.

Our school assemblies that happen every Friday focus on acknowledging the academic achievers and those that show positive behaviour.

School Assemblies have played an integral part in bringing the school community together. This has allowed us to have lots of fun with awesome performances from classes showcasing their talents. Kapa Haka started with a hiss and a roar earlier on in the term and halfway through we started sounding good and looking good, it’s such a shame that covid came along again and put a stop to that. I hope that we can pick up where we left off next term…fingers are crossed.

I am very privileged to be teaching an awesome bunch of kids that have so much potential and talent that they could go on and do some amazing things. I mentioned

Earlier in the piece we had an interesting year, we had swimming in term 1, winter sports in term 2 and covid in term 3, so you could imagine what covid did and how it

changed the way we teach but in saying that we adjusted without any problems and our Tamariki got on with it without any drama. We worked hard and played hard and

tried to make the most out of every situation. With term 3 all but wrapped up we look forward to the last term, term 4 which is going to go  by fast. Either way the tamariki

In Tuatea whanau will keep chugging long.

Nga Mihi