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Aroha Whaanau

Māori Proud

Everyday in Room 8, we begin with our daily tikanga routine  called Māori Proud.  This means we karakia together and share a whakatauki.  Then we have a waiata or two.  At first we were shy, but now we love to sing together, with some of our young leaders showing pride and leading the class in waiata.  Each morning we practice our public speaking skills and tamariki recite their pepeha for friends and for the class.  For our Roll, we take the time to speak Te Reo sharing how we are feeling.

Write That Essay

In Whare Aroha we have been learning to write paragraphs based on the Write That Essay Paragraph Styles.  We have learnt ‘The Lawyer, The Hammer, and the Compare and Contrast’ paragraphs.  We understand that all paragraphs consist of 6-8 sentences with at least 1 piece of precision and 1 key idea expanded over 2-3 sentences.  We have been looking at similarities and differences in our comparisons and are learning to formulate a strong opinion based on evidence and reasonable opinion.  


During Maths, we work together on realistic maths problems which allow our students to develop 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, analysis, interpretation, questioning, and initiative through contexts that are relatable and culturally appropriate.  In pairs or small groups, tamariki talk about the problem, explain their thinking, represent their thinking with numbers and pictures and finally share back to the group a part of their solution.  Students learn from each other by asking questions to clarify thinking and understanding.