Rangimarie Whanau 2020-03-03T22:08:25+13:00

Tuauri Whanau

Welcome to Tuauri Whanau.

We are a Yr 7 and 8 class.  Our learning focusses around using Digital Technology. We use Chromebooks and other like tools to support our learning.

This term we have focussed on using chromebooks to create messages in relation to our class treaty and our school PB4L values.

This has included writing scripts, producing short film segments and presenting these in a google slide.

We have worked collaboratively with other classes to ensure they are able to confidently use the chromebooks.

We look forward to engaging in our Maths program, which sees us working using DMIC. The students love this collaborative approach and are working alongside each other to problem solve.

We also are using “Write that Essay” – which helps students to correctly contruct sentences and therefore are more equipped to write.

We are looking forward to a fun filled year in Tuauri Whanau.