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Tuauri Whaanau

Kia ora and Welcome to Tuauri Whaanau

We are a Yr 7 and 8 class at Huntly Primary School. We live by the values of our classroom treaty –

  • Be Kind and Caring
  • Manage myself
  • Try my best – always

These values support us to be part of a fun-loving whaanau who values the importance of all our members.

Throughout this year we have focussed on :


We use Write that Essay to support our writing programme. This allows us to construct well-written essay pieces that are well planned, have supporting evidence, and demonstrate our understanding of sentences styles and paragraph formats. We especially enjoy the use of the online toolbox that supports our writing and allows us to practice skills in fun ways. Our writing topics have ranged from comparing a range of sea creatures and wildlife, to arguing the importance of social media, the impacts on our environment. We love writing and it is a big part of who we are in Tuauri Whaanau.

DMIC – Mathematics

In Tuauri whaanau we enjoy problem-solving with our maths. We work in social groups to support each other and work through maths tasks. This helps us to explain and justify our thinking and build on ideas from each other. This year we have already focussed on Statistical Investigations, Geometry concepts, Number and look forward to Algebra and Probability to ward the end of the year.

We love art and physical activities and especially our daily fitness and groups games such as T ball, Dodge Ball, Football and Basketball.

We each have our own Chromebook and this allows for us to undertake our own inquiry topics, online learning tools and reading tasks,

We are self managers who are responsible, capable learners who are not afraid to enjoy a laugh and a sing along.