Kiwi Whaanau 2021-10-12T20:30:53+13:00

Kiwi Whaanau 

In Kiwi Whaanau we have a class of 18 busy and inquisitive Year one students.  Everyday starts  with karakia,  waiata and a dicussion around our class treat and school ‘POWER’ values before we move into our learning. 

We like to have fun and try new things so our learning often incorporates hands-on activities. This term these activities included a ‘marbled milk’,  ‘floating ghost’ and ‘traveling water’ experiments, a visit to see our school worm farm, growing seeds, building towers, different types of art work and writing letters home. Working on activities like these give us the opportunity to make connections to what we already know, negotiate working together, improve our fine and gross motor skills and extend our oral language. 

 Talking about what we are doing helps us to have lots of ideas and interesting words for our writing.   Everyday we work hard practicing our letter sounds and sight words during reading and phonics and we are learning to stay on task and complete our ‘must dos’ before we can choose our own activity. 

Maths is a mixture of whole class, independent work, and working in pairs for our DMIC sessions. To help with our understanding around finding the number before and after a given number we made a ‘bus’ and discussed who was before us and after us and this really helped to gain an understanding of the concept. For number, our focus has been on learning our doubles, skip counting, adding and subtracting to twenty. Geometry has been our focus for the second half of this term and we have enjoyed learning about different shapes through discussion, drawing our shapes and turning them into robots, pigs and houses and using the shapes to create very cool ‘shape monsters’ 

All the tamariki love to share their learning and we are looking forward to welcoming whaanau back into our classroom.