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Pukeko Whanau

Welcome to Pukeko Whanau. Our class consists of an amazing group of year one and two students and this year we are very lucky to have 2 teachers working together in our class.

Our class treaty is:

  • We try hard
  • We make good choices
  • We are kind
  • We try our best
  • We ‘show 5’ – this is our way to show respect.

Our favorite thing in our classroom is our jellybean whiteboard tables! Every day we use them to practice our words, our maths, write our sentences and write messages to each other. Most children learn best through hands on activities that allow them to learn through exploration and practice. 

This year we have started the journey of learning maths through DMIC (Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities) With this approach the children work together in small groups to solve problems. 

Our topic this term is the New Zealand Farm and we are having fun learning about what happens on a farm and the different animals that live on farms.