Awhina Whanau 2020-03-27T17:09:09+13:00

Mauri Whanau

Kia Ora koutou.

Mauri Whanau is made up of year 4, 5 and 6 students.  In our whanau we all support each other to become better learners and members of the community.


We have been learning how to develop our writing skills with ‘Write That Essay’.  The students have been enjoying this approach and are gaining knowledge and confidence with their writing.


This term we have started a new mathematics programme called DMIC which stands for ‘Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities’.  Using this approach the students are learning how to solve problems as a collaborative group where each student’s voice is heard.


In our whanau we have access to chromebooks which we are using as part of the Digital Curriculum.  We use chromebooks for research purposes, publishing , reading, writing and mathematics. It is a learning journey for both the teacher and the students.


I look forward to the year and the many adventures that we will embark on as a whanau.