Ruru Whaanau 2021-10-13T13:05:24+13:00

Ruru Whaanau

One of the things that make our school so special is the way people become whaanau. Ruru whaanua is a family environment in the classroom where we learn to celebrate and uplift one another. Because we are a whaanau composed of many perspectives, we also have much to learn from one another. We take pride in our Classroom Treaty and place a strong emphasis on our values of:






This was a challenging year for the students with disruptions during the COVID lockdowns. I am proud of how resilient the students were and we had lots of fun with Zoom sessions and online learning. 

This is a glimpse into our classroom of Year 2 and 3 students. As we share our learning through many learning stories on HERO! Our posts document the learning journey that we are especially excited to share with you.