Manaaki Whanau 2019-08-27T20:38:06+12:00

Design your own hoodie.

In Manaaki Whanau we have been decorating and designing a hoodie to show everybody who we are.  We looked at some examples and designed one of our own. We want to show everyone that we are unique individuals as well as working as a Unit. Firstly we used a Google Doc to brainstorm and plan our hoodies. We then used Scratch to design and doodle our hoodie. We had to include the following: A self-portrait, my place, and date of birth, age, favourite sport, gadget, colour, my likes and dislikes and something I feel strongly about. This gave us the opportunity to think about ourselves, our feelings, and true personality.  This took determination and perseverance to complete our hoodies but it was heaps of fun! When you walk past our classroom you will be able to see our fabulous finished hoodies!