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Mahi Tahi Whanau

Hello, and Welcome

Laughter, vibrancy and smiles flood the classroom walls daily in Mahi-Tahi Whanau! With 20 New Entrance students there is never a dull moment or personality when you walk through our door – if you don’t believe us just pop in and see for yourselves! Our classroom door is always open to new guests, whanau and friends.

Looking forward to seeing you all visit Room 1! If you can’t make it then take a look at what learning journeys we have been on in the photos below.  We have a lot of fun learning left in the year which all the students are excited about. Keep an eye open  for new books in their bookbags, newsletters and your students work.  Here we are learning to point and say the word. We are also learning to read new words.

Here we are playing with kitchen science. We are learning to create a reaction using baking soda and vinegar.