Mahi Tahi Whanau 2019-09-04T13:31:11+12:00

Mahi Tahi Whanau

Problem Solving, Communicating, Sparking Curiosity through Play Based Learning in Mahi TAHI WHANAU!

Play-based learning has been a great way to engage the tamariki at Huntly Primary  School to become creative thinkers in a student centred environment.

Our big focus has been on working collaboratively with one another. We have been focusing on using the school values of showing respect and being resilient – if you want to play with a certain play equipment and someone else has it, you ask for it first, if they say that they are still playing with you then await your turn.

Mahi Tahi have been loving having children from other junior classes come join us every morning to play with our play equipment.