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General Information


Whole school assemblies are held every fortnight in the school hall at 9.15am.  Junior and senior school assemblies are held every alternate week.


Effective communication between home and school is vital in promoting learning.  Parents are welcome to come and discuss educational matters with staff at any time, but we do ask that you make an appointment prior.  If you have any worries or concerns, please contact the school through the office immediately.  This way, minor issues do not become major problems!


We participate in the Duffy Books in Homes project.  Children are given a selection of books throughout the year.  We kindly acknowledge the generous support of Genesis Energy who make this project possible for our school.


If a child suffers from any allergy or is prone to sudden illness, the school should be notified.  Where appropriate, medication e.g. allergy pills or asthma inhaler, should be left at the school office.   Please provide an emergency contact phone number to office staff in the event of an accident or emergency.


Our school has a large well resourced library.  A computer suite is also situated in the library.


Each class has a physical education programme.  We also participate in interschool sporting events along with after school competitions.  We have on site two swimming pools which are used by our junior school, the seniors use the local community pools.


The school has its own stationery shop.  Pupils can purchase books, pencils, pens etc on a daily basis before school.  At the beginning of each year stationery packs can be purchased locally at the Bookshop & Lotto Shop at very competitive prices.

Valuables at School

We cannot take responsibility for expensive toys, jewellery, cellphones, I-pods etc at school.  These are best left at home.  If for any reason these are brought to school they should be handed into the school office prior to school commencing, where they will be safely held.

Policies and Procedures

These are developed through extensive consultation. They are designed to facilitate school organization, they are clearly stated and understood.  They are regularly reviewed and accessible to everyone.

Punctuality  |  Contact Details

Punctuality is something we must encourage, late arrivals miss the most important part of the day and there arrival after the bell disrupts other children.
Please notify the school immediately of any change of address and/or telephone numbers.

Update Contact Details

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Outside Agencies

We have several outside agencies that visit our school on a regular basis.  These include:

  • Public Health Nurse

  • Social Worker in Schools

  • Vision and Health Technicians

  • Dental Therapists

  • Speech Language Therapists

  • Resource Teacher Learning and Behaviour

  • Resource Teacher Literacy