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Distance Learning will take place from Tuesday 1st March 2022. School will reopen on Monday 7th March 2022

Distance Learning for Term 1 2022

Huntly Primary School
28th February 2022
Dear Parents / Caregivers,
Today we have made the decision to close the school until next Monday 7th March.
As some of you are aware we have had three classes closed all last week and our numbers are still climbing.
We are no longer able to safely staff our school and many classes have very minimal numbers, so if we close we may be able to get on top of the outbreak quicker.
It is really important that you let me know if anyone in your household tests positive so please text me: 0272862519.
A big thank you to those that have let us know so far we really appreciate this and we can support you if we know.
Your teachers will be making contact with you as soon as possible either by phone, text or Messenger. They will reassure you that their students have work and are there if you need them to help in any way.
They will be available from 8.30 – 4pm, and I ask that you be mindful that they too have their own children or family to support at the same time.
All students onsite today are leaving with a hardpack which will include reading books etc. The senior classes got sent out hardpacks last Wednesday. All students have access to Reading Eggs, Maths Seeds, and Mathletics so please ask the teachers if you don’t know these logins.
Thank you for your understanding in these difficult times and we will be in touch. Keep an eye on the School Facebook page and for any messages / updates from your teachers.
Stay safe
Warm regards
Peta-Maree Parsonage
Please note – HARD PACK PICK UP
For anyone who was not at school today – you can collect a hard pack of learning on Tuesday 1st March 10am – 12pm.
Please remember to notify Whaea Peta Maree of any positive cases by texting on – 0272862519

Each of our students are currently signed up to Reading Eggs and Mathletics. Contact your child’s teacher or leave a message on our facebook page if your child requires their login or password.

Mathletics is a great online, interative site that all students at HPS can access. Click on the link to go direcrtly to the site. Your child will need their log in and password.

Reading Eggs is a great interactive site. Your child will need their log in and password to access.